In an age that is utterly corrupt, the best policy is to do as others do."
~ ~ the Marquis de Sade

Vivian Davenport

Player: Sarah M.
E-mail: arachneattire @

Another echo of Hartford's past, Vivian Davenport returned to the City her Sire once ruled after a lengthy stay in India. She spent over a year as the City's Keeper of Elysium before Prince Durley asked her to travel to California to educate certain Ventrue in the area. She returned to a changed city - Durley withdrawn, Stast claiming the Domain, one of her Childer exiled in the wake of a failed Praxis attempt, and an open seat on the Primogen Council just waiting to be claimed. Her influence in the court has been enough to guarantee Connor's safe return and make her one of the most powerful Primogen.

Alexander Keefe

Player: Jason
E-mail: alexander.p.keefe @

Once Seneschal of Prince Alaric Dragoon in Portland, now residing in Hartford, CT. What would cause a Ventrue to step down from a position he held for years to move to a Domain where he litttle chance of claiming Praxis?

Connor O'Carthy

Player: Seth P.

Having lost Mohegan Sun and then failed to contest Stast's claim to the throne amidst public humiliation, Connor fled the city in disgrace and fear for his life. Though Stast has allowed him to return to the city safely, and without Durley and DuCampe's reputations and influence to call upon, he is now a shadow of the force he one was. One cannot expect O'Carthy to remain idle for long.

Michael Rowlands

Player: Seth P.

Childe of Vivian Davenport

Tara O'Brien

Player: Mel F.

Childe of Connor O'Carthy

Penelope Vanderbilt

Player: Kim

A recent embrace.