"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."
~ Hector Berlioz

In the year of Our Lord...
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November 1998 - Prince Stephen disappears amidst rumors of Diablerie; Seneschal Lucius Crane of the Clan Tremere claims Praxis over the Domain becoming the 4th Prince of Hartford.

August 1999 - Sarah Faust, the Tremere Harpy of Hartford, is Bloodhunted by Prince Carlos San Dracos while visiting his Domain.

August 1999 - While visiting in the Domain of Prince Carlos San Dracos, Prince Lucius is Destroyed.

August 1999 - Seneschal Darius Maraducci of the Clan Toreador claims Praxis over Hartford, becoming the 5th Prince of Hartford.

October 1999 - Prince Maraducci invokes Lextalionis upon James Reeves, former Nosferatu Primogen, due to Reeves' violations of Domain.

December 1999 - During an argument between several Gangrel and the Prince, Jett Church is Bloodhunted by Prince Darius, for a Breach of Domain. During this same confrontation, Sebastian Crowe, Gangrel Sheriff, is stripped of his position, and Gunnar Wynn, a third Gangrel, is exiled from the Domain.

April 2000 - During a private meeting with visiting Archons, Prince Darius destroys himself; rumors accuse him of Diablerizing the Gangrel, Jett Church. Primogen Clarise Du Campe of the Clan Ventrue takes his place as the 6th Prince of Hartford.

October 2000 - Prince Maxwell of the Clan Nosferatu deposes Prince Clarise, becoming the 10th Prince of Hartford.

February 2001 - Prince Maxwell steps down as Prince at the request of Owyn Kell, Primogen of the Clan Toreador. Jonah Saviors, of the Clan Tremere, slays Kell during the Praxis and claims the Domain as his own, becoming the 8th Prince of Hartford.

April 2001 - Prince Saviors is destroyed by Johann Van Varenburg and the city's Assamites; Van Varenburg temporarily declares Praxis over the Domain, as Hartford's 9th Prince.

May 2001 - Vlad Del Karone, of the Clan Toreador, takes control of the Domain becoming the 10th Prince of Hartford; Van Varenburg becomes Keeper of Elysium.

August 2001 - Prince Del Karone Bloodhunted by Prince Martynov of Vernon 8/24/01 - Marc Ferris, of the Clan Nosferatu, Bloodhunted by Prince Del Karone for a breach of the 1st Tradition.

November 2001 - The Bloodhunt of Marc Ferris rescinded by Malaphar, Tremere Justicar.

December 2001 - At a Judicial Conclave in the Domain of Prince Leavey called by Justicar Malaphar, Vlad Del Karone is stripped of his position as Prince of Hartford, and Wulfgar Von Kroisen, a former Toreador Archon to Madame Guill, takes control of the Domain, becoming the 11th Prince of Hartford

April 2002 - Acting in the name of Prince Von Kroissen, Father Giles Bloch of the Clan Malkavian declares Lextalionis on Vlad Del Karone; Karone, now an Anarch with suspected Sabbat ties, escapes the Elysium.

April 2002 - In a scandalous public brawl, the notorious Ventrue Anarch, Kate Lang was collected by her clan.

May 2002 - With his Claim supported by Wulfgar Von Kroissen, Giles Bloch claims Hartford as his Domain; the reign of Hartford's 12th, but first Malkavian Prince is marked by widespread riots and chaos among the Kine.

December 2002 - Prince Giles Block flees his domain after months of chaos and an altercation with Vlad Del Karone, and Charles Dayne of Clan Ventrue claims the title for his own, becoming the 13th Prince of Hartford

January 2003 - At the hands of the Sabbat garrisoned in the Airport, Eastern Connecticut's Prince, Norton Dimmsdale III died his Final Death.

June 2003 - The Bloodhunt on Vlad Del Karone is fulfilled.

July 2003 - Tremere Justicar Anastasz DiZagreb formally apologizes for his Archon's attack on Prince Dayne, and offers Boon in recompense.

August 2003 - Prince Dayne invokes Lextalionis on Joshua Romanowski. At the Conclave in September, Romanowski and Dayne agreed to Trial by Ordeal to be concluded in October.

November, 2003 - Joshua Romanowski succeeds in his Ordeal, negating his Bloodhunt in the city of Hartford.

January, 2004 - The Camarilla of Hartford reclaims Bradley International Airport from the Sabbat.

March, 2004 - "Regent" Polk of Clan Tremere is Bloodhunted and Destroyed for Violating the 1st , 2nd , and 5th Traditions.

April, 2004 - Two square blocks of the north end of the city burns to the ground in an arson's fire that spun out of control.

May, 2004 - Prince Dayne, Prince Tobias of Eastern CT, and Warmaster Hildebrand all disappear. Rumors circulate accusing the Sabbat, Tremere, or any number of other factions of the Prince’s assassination.

June, 2004 - After a few short weeks of former Chamberlain Jericho Gray’s regency, Dayne’s Childe Robert Durley returns to the city and claims Praxis, becoming the 15th Prince of Hartford. He is uncontested, and names Jericho as Seneschal, at the same time beginning to assemble the first true Primogen Council Hartford has seen in years.

September, 2004 - The Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park, waning in its season, suddenly burst into bloom. The old public garden was filled with stunning red roses that seemed to be oozing human blood. The flowers bled for eight days, causing strange effects in Kindred that came into contact with them. Toreador Isis De LaMarche and a young Tremere conducted a sudden, sordid affair unconcerned with public opinion, making full use of Prince Durley's library.

November, 2004 - Led by Owen Dalton, the Sabbat storm the Elysium of Prince Durley. Chase Ashford, now revealed to all as a traitor, gloats about his new loyalties to the Sabbat. With Durley beaten into torpor and the Camarilla unable to offer any resistance, the Kindred of Hartford flee after starting a fire to distract the Sabbat. Brujah Seneschal, Maggie Doyle then siezed the opportunity to finalize her plans, and claimed the seat of the city as her own.

January, 2005 - After burning down during a Kindred gathering in 2003, the repaired Bushnell Theater re-opens its doors to the public.

March, 2005 - Prince Maggie Doyle, at the urging of Eastern seneschal, Isaiah Carlton engages former Prince Robert Durley in a firefight inside the Wadsworth Athenaeum. Kindred were aghast when the shots rang out and a section of bare wall was damaged.

April, 2005 - Prince Maggie Doyle is killed in a coup by an unknown assailant after jumping off the Charter Oak Bridge over the Connecticut River.

April, 2005 - Alexander Johnson claims Praxis, and becomes the 17th Prince of Hartford.

June, 2005 - An unknown Nosferatu, apparently insane, storms Elysium in search of some artifact he believed to be in possession of one of the Kindred in attendance.

July, 2005 - The North End erupts into riots, with police scrambling to stem the tide of chaos that threatens to engulf the city. When all is said and done, the madness is laid at the feet of a Malkavian named Braxis. Does this mark the beginning of a war between Malkavians and Nosferatu, now that the Sewer Rat, Nicole has been brought low? Or is some other factor at work here...

August, 2005 - Former Prince Robert Durley and his childe, G. Laurent were murdered by an unknown assailant in a public Masquarade breach.

September, 2005 - In an unprecedented show of trust and good will, the Prince of Hartford and the Prince of Eastern Connecticut hosted a riverboat cruise together where the bidding on the end location of the "Heart's Desire" casino could be discussed by the members of the two courts. The evening ended when Hartford won the bid, and an enraged Julian St. John ordered an attack on the Prince of Hartford. His Primogen Council responded by removing him from power.

November, 2005 - Hartford plays host to a prestigious gathering of Kindred and the traveling "Heart's Desire" casino at a newly built hotel and resort in the location of the former Harford Drive-In on the Berlin Turnpike. The event was attended by several luminaries of the Camarilla, including the Dux Bellorum, Black Mariah, and several princes of the region. On display at the hotel was a small collection of lithographs that were somehow stolen in the middle of it all. Toreador Primogen, Chyna Whyte took the brunt of the criticism for this scandal.

December 2005 - Alexander Johnson is called away from the city for a publicly unknown reason, and hands over his title to Svetlana Cheakov.

December 2005 - Svetlana Cheakov becomes the 18th Prince of Hartford.

February 2006 - Completing her downward spiral from a failed Salon in January, Chyna White, the Toreador Keeper of Elysium, was involved with a massive scandal which climaxed in an arguement with her Primogen Austin Matthews, Prince Chekov, and several other officers. She was exiled from the domain for her insubordination.

March 2006 - From the Eastern Domain of Prince Denovitz, there is nothing but silence. An entire city of Kindred gone without a trace. What could have happened to them?

April 2006 - After a botched battle with the Sabbat threatened the Masquerade, Scourge Mors DuBlanco is given a task by Prince Cheakov: Destroy the Sabbat of New Haven, or never return to Hartford. DuBlanco disappears into rumor and shadow.

August 2006 - Ventrue Primogen, Anthony Durley leads a successful raid against the Sabbat in New Haven. His sire, Robert Durley was rumored to have been seen emerging from the carnage unscathed.

September 2006 - Sabbat strikes from New Haven increase in frequency, as mass-embraced packs are set loose in the suburbs surrounding the city. During the day, havens burn - and always, there are flocks of crows watching: the eyes and ears of the Sabbat. Prince Cheakov publicly accuses Primogen Durley of betraying her, and the entire court briefly erupts into violence before the Prince's officers restore order.

October 2006 - Toreador Primogen Austin Mathews publicly questions Prince Cheakov's state of mind, claiming that her increasing instability threatens the Domain. Surprisingly, Cheakov relinquishes her throne, claiming that she will personally travel to New Haven to destroy the Sabbat war leader, Anna Chelek. Within a day, Cheakov's haven burns to the ground, and she is not heard from again. Austin Mathews claims Hartford, becoming the city's 19th Prince. He announced his plans to build Hartford into a city that the Camarilla can be proud of.

November 2006 - The Camarilla gathers in Hartford for the annual Grand Court of the Northeast - attended by none other than Justicar Jaroslav Pascek of Clan Brujah. While the Harpies whisper and the Tremere speak of strange occult rituals, a combined force of Ventrue, Brujah, and Anarchs struck at the Sabbat in New Haven destroying the heart of the rebellion in Connecticut. Anthony Durley is given Domain over the re-claimed city, and he shares out a significant amount of its hunting grounds with the Anarchs, now led by Baron Nexus.

January 2007 - For proclaimed crimes against humanity, Ventrue Anthony Durley relieved Austin Matthews of his throne. A bloody brawl ensued on the 32nd floor of a tower in New Haven which ended with Matthews in torpor and the Brujah clan's loyalties split down the middle.

March 2007 A Camarillan assault on the Setite stronghold in New London led by the Prince, Seneschal, and the combined Brujah and Gangrel clans ended with that city in Camarilla hands.

May 2007 Clan Gangrel elder "Blondie" meets final death May 2007, amidst rumors of wassail.

September 2007 A battle between the assembled Nosferatu and Gangrel clans broke out in the North End of the city supposedly due to a Sabbat ritual which had driven the elders insane. The cataclysmic violence left the reclusive Nosferatu elder, Renwick dead.

October 2007 - The conflict between Prince Durley and Seneschal Blackburn which had been simmering the entire length of Durley's reign came to a head in a destructive battle. The two powerful Kindred were locked in a violent embrace tumbling down among the collapsing ruins of Durley's New Haven tower, destroyed by Blackburn’s alleged Infernal Pacts. When the dust cleared, Durley's reign as Prince was completely unopposed.

November 2007 - During the Grande Elysium hosted by Prince Durley, a vision of Sabbat luminaries fighting each other in the city of Salem, Massachusetts was witnessed by the assembled courts. Archon Sefirot and Prince Durley led a contingent of Camarillans to Salem to strike at the Sabbat in their weakened state from which Sefirot did not return. Rumors reached the ears of the court that Toreador elder, Elise London, had met final death.

December 2007 Bidgeport, Stamford, and surrounding areas fall to the Sabbat. A Ventrue elder meets final death at the hands of the sabbat, and influential and martial counter attacks against the sabbat begin. Durley names Gangrel, Matty Evans as Seneschal.

January 2008 The Sabbat push forward and claim territories in the New London area. Many Anarchs and Camarilla members were lost in the combat as a monstrous Tzimisce creation raged in the streets.

March 2008 Greater New Haven county was locked down, and no Kindred were allowed within the city's borders. Sabbat forces surged outward cutting New Haven off from the Hartford center of power. Many influential power bases were shaken as human business networks were strained.

April 2008 A order was given by the prince to all members of the domain to pull back to the protection of the greater Hartford area. Territories outside of Hartford were quickly lost as non-vital areas were abandoned.

Archons and Justicarial representatives concluded an investigation in regards to Prince Anthony Durley's alleged involvement in the disappearance of Sarial Sefferot. Pressure begins to focus on the domain as high standing members of the Camarilla denounced the "fiefdom" format that the domain has taken, stating that it overstepped the powers granted to a single prince. Prince Durley closes the doors to New Haven and cuts almost all communication to the outside.

May 2008 - With the Camarilla unable to stem the tide of Sabbat even after months of fighting, and after Anthony Durley’s withdrawal to New Haven, Malkavian Primogen, Stast, announced his claim over the city. Prince Durley made it clear that he intended to oppose the claim, but no immediate confrontation was forthcoming.