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Brujah Territory

One of Hartford’s most vibrant and diverse areas, most of the action centers on the main drag of Park Street, where you’ll find everything from Brazilian barbecue joints and friendly neighborhood watering holes to Asian markets and quaint Spanish eateries. Parkville is also home to Sully’s Pub, a live music Mecca.

Parkville takes is named for its location at the junction of the North and South Branches of the Park River.

The area, similar to others surrounding Hartford, was primarily farmland through much of the 19th century. In 1878, residents tried to secede from Hartford, claiming they were over-taxed merely because their land was not developed.

By the early 1880's, the expansion of the adjacent Frog Hollow neighborhood, coupled with the extension of the railroad line southwest towards New Haven, forever changed the complexion of the surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1907, Royal Typewriter was built along the railroad tracks and other factories moved into the neighborhood, stimulating the need for housing for workers. The early population of the neighborhood was Irish, followed by French Canadian, Scandinavian and German. Today, the neighborhood is comprised of a large population of Portuguese.