"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. "
~ Lewis Carrol


Player: Rachel R.

Natasha's smiling childlike demeanor is nothing but a memory. She is now one of the most powerful Primogen, the acknowledged head of her clan in Nicole's absence, and a mistress of secrets. The court was rocked when an envoy from the Sabbat offered a truce in return for her staked body; "in any jyhad, the first to die are the Nosferatu."

Player: Daniel M.
E-mail: tarlfirebird @ gmail.com

Alex calls Hartford something of a home base while he travels the world underground. He has friends in high places, but remains, at least at home, Natasha's quiet operative.


Player: Matt G.

The thick wet cough often heard at court means that Alabastar is not far behind. Although briefly under consideration for the position of Deputy, Alabastar seems to have been caught in the conflict between the Primogen and the Sheriff.