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The North End
Nosferatu Territory

The North End is actually four neighborhoods: Blue Hills, Upper Albany, Clay Hill/Arsenal, and Northeast. It is generally identified as the area surrounded by Tower Avenue (north), Main Street (east), Albany Avenue (south) and Blue Hills Avenue (to the west.)

Once home to a mostly Irish and Jewish population, North Hartford today is primarily African American, West Indian/Caribbean and Latino.

Following World War II, a series of events occurred that led to a sharp decline. This began with the construction of Interstate 84 which gutted the neighborhood, separating it from nearby downtown. During this time the city's once strong manufacturing base dissolved, creating the start of a mass exodus to ringing suburbs (most notably north to neighboring Bloomfield and Windsor).

Former military barracks were converted into housing projects, creating a high concentration of low-income housing. But perhaps the most devastating blow occurred on April 3, 1968: Following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a riot ensued that resulted in massive arson, particularly on Albany Avenue. Within a few hours, the North End's major commercial strip was simply gone, and the remaining white population fled, and much of the middle and working class black population left in the following years.

Now the North End has an overwhelmingly negative reputation for its crime, distressed economic state, and dilapidated appearance.