"This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper"
~ TS Eliot

Matty Evans
Seneschal - Disappeared August 2009
Player: Ryan G.

Matty Evans is possibly the most peronally powerful Kindred in the state, and the fear with which lesser vampires regard him lingers his wake. Even when he is absent from Court, nothing important happens without his reactions being taken into acount. Will he support Durley, or Stast? Is it possible for any Prince to rule Hartford without him as an ally?

Player: Adam B.

All but banished after his failed attempts to supplant Prince Anthony Durley, Nicole vanished into the shadows. Now that Durley has withdrawn to New Haven, he finds the political climate more hospitable and he occasionally surfaces as the shadowy hand behind the Nosferatu.


Player: J.G.

Stast, a club kid from New Orleans, found himself manuvered onto the Council by Prince Durley just under two years ago. As Durley's monolithic power block removed all opposition, he found himself more and more filling a power vaccum in Hartford, and after Durley's withdrawal to New Haven, it was Stast who stepped forward to lead the city against the Sabbat. More and more, as the responsibilities of his position weigh on him, the smiling youthful Stast has given way to a ruthless and relentless ruler.


Player: Catherine B.

No one hears Cassandra's cries.


Player: Matt G.


Perhaps the most political Anarch in Connecticut's history, Ratchet has led his comrades as Baron, fought beside them against the Sabbat, and even stood as their representative to the Primogen Council. As the power of the Camarilla in the state wanes from the surge of Sabbat, his influence can only grow...

Alexander Johnson
17th Prince of Hartford

Player: Tony D.

For a year and a half after leaving the city in the hands of Svetlana Cheakov, Hartford's Cockroach Prince was said to have been in Europe for private reasons. His reappearance at the Spring event in Baltimore raised a few interesting questions, but not long thereafter, Mr. Johnson disappeared again. What does he know that the rest of us don't?

Sonya Cheleck

Player: Jenn L.
E-mail: lazaroff @ hartford.edu

The youngest childe of former Prince Alexander Johnson , Sonya has an undying need to prove herself. Embroiled in the recent organized crime explosion that has rocked the city, her ultimate agenda is unclear.

Hannah Snow

Player: Emmy C.
E-mail: xithemonas120 @ yahoo.com

This grandchilde of Charles Dayne keeps to the shadows making her appearances irregular, but memorable.

Eric Dorman

Player: Robert C.
E-mail: megastage @ yahoo.com

A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterward. ~Jean Paul Richter

This childe of Alexander Johnson reaped great rewards from the victory in New Haven. Courted for his new strengths by several parties, Eric Dorman has chosen to break his bonds of servitude. However, his fate is even more precipitous than before, as he seeks to balance new allegiances with his previous ones to Clan Ventrue. And, like a dog that has been kicked one too many times, something nasty has bloomed from within Eric, transmogrifying him utterly. Tread carefully with him or be prepared to join him in his fall.

Richard Blackburn
Player: Dave N.
E-mail: morpheus_17 @ hotmail.com

Though he is no longer Seneschal of Hartford, Blackburn has neither disappeared nor faded into obscurity. Indeed, since the destruction of his rebellious Childe, and the resignation of his old position, he seems to have more time than ever to wind himself into the labyrinthine politics of the city. The man who once claimed that he would only be staying in Hartford for a short while appears to have no intention of going anywhere, now that his 'personal business' is complete. It is said that Blackburn was behind the seizure of East Hartford and the surrounding territory from Prince Denovitz, and it was he that presented Prince Mathews with the fangs of Anna Chelek, the Sabbat warleader of New Haven. He is the head of the Primogen Council, Camarillan Liason to the Anarchs, and one of Prince Mathews' most visible advisors. It is also said that he, along with Sheriff Lundt and others in the Domain, has been given a mission by Jaroslav Pascek, Justicar of the Brujah...


Player: Rob Spaulding

Perhaps the most villified Tremere in Hartford's recent memory, Dimitri has been blamed by the entire region for the strange happenings in the wake of the assault on New Haven in November 2006. There are rumors that no less than two princes and one Giovanni Don have demanded his head.

Dimitri fled to Boston where he attempted to create a Camarillan Domain in Cambridge ruled by the Tremere. His efforts met a violent end when several Camarillans from Hartford burned down his haven and forced him to flee. He has not been seen in Hartford since.

Austin Matthews
19th Prince of Hartford

Player: Chris L.

"It works by getting someone to ask you to do something like it's their idea, but it's not their idea, it's your idea."
~ James "Sawyer" Ford on 'The Long Con'

Austin Matthews is an architect. Like any good architect, Austin has a design for the city of Hartford. On Black Friday, Austin stood alone, in front of the entire kindred assembly, and demanded the Prince step down. In the face of the challenge, her support rose to their feet behind her, and Austin stood alone. When all was said and done, not a harsh word was uttered and no violence erupted, but Austin Matthews had taken Hartford for the Camarilla. You're either charmed by him, or despise him, but there is no indifference when it comes to Austin. One thing is for certain, Respect is earned by someone who takes control of a domain with nothing but raw confidence and a single black rose.

Eddie DeSoto

Player: Daniel N.
E-mail: >distrakted7 @ yahoo.com

Rumored to be the childe of late Prince, Maggie Doyle, Eddie was loyal, friendly and compassionate, if a bit nave.

Svetlana Nikolaiovna Cheakov
18th Prince of Hartford

October 31, 2006

Player: Kris P.

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"
~ Winston Chruchill

Svetlana Cheakov like her homeland is a walking contradiction. Many have wondered if the blue blood is hiding something behind her matronly looks, and heavy accent. A traditionalist to the core, she strongly up holds the Camarilla's traditions. However she seems haunted by her past, and is often found talking to thin air. Is Ms. Cheakov truly crazy, or is she fooling you too?

Brian Maddox

Clan: Malkavian
Player: Doug
Single-mindedly obsessed with what he believed to be great evil at work in the rose garden at Elizabeth Park, Brian Maddox never seemed to have a straight answer for anything. Was he just rambling, or was it possible that he was privy to something deeper?

Robert Durley
15th Prince of Hartford

Clan: Ventrue
Player: J.G.
No sooner than he walked through the door, Jericho Gray handed this childe of Charles Dayne the keys to the city. Though quite a charmer, Durley spent almost all of his time behind closed doors with his manservant Laurent. Could it be that Durley and Gray sold Dayne to his enemies for their chance at the throne? What was he plotting?

G. Laurent

Clan: Ventrue
Player: Matt G.

Childe of R. Durley

Maggie Doyle
16th Prince of Hartford

Clan: Brujah
Player: Sarah G.

2005 - 2005

Player: Casey D.

Though Flip did most of the talking in his coterie, he was obviously just a toadie. He mysteriously disappeared in mid 2005.

Emily Connors

Clan: Gangrel
Player: Catherine B.

Emily had been seen as the most quiet Gangrel. Very nice, yet very harmless. However, there was always one thing that she raved about---her father. She said that he had been killed and that she witnessed it. She wanted revenge so badly that some began to question her sanity. And then she started talking to the Malkavians. Now she says that her father was alive. What trouble was there to be found there?

Annie Culligan

Clan: Brujah
Player: Ashley C.

Breakfasts come and go, Rene, but Hartford, the Whale, they've only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime."
~ Jason Lee, Mallrats

After a year and three months of living in Kindred society, it really looked like Annie was going to make it. There were some close calls in the beginning, but she wised up quick and garnered a wisdom beyond her year.

She filled gaps in the culture of the Undead, ensuring longevity and sanity in many of Connecticut's residents. Daughter, mother, trusted friend, confidant, little sister, business partner, advisor and some even suspect she was a Giovanni's lover.

She was a breath of fresh air and will be sorely missed. Only time will tell if the loved ones she left behind will have the strength to continue forward as she once did.

Janos Hildebrandt
Primogen, Warmaster

Clan: Ventrue
Player: Ian W.

Charles Dayne
13th Prince of Hartford

May 2002 - May 2004

Clan: Ventrue
Player: Dave N.

"Pax en Bello"

A Year has come and gone, and Charles Dayne still sits atop the pile of bone and ash that is the Domain of Hartford. How many kindred have died to place him there, and how many more will perish in the nights to come? Sabbat, Tremere, bloodhunted criminals... and there are always the Kindred who merely fade into the past, never to be heard from again. It is whispered that the Warmaster has been given free reign to dispose of any who might challenge the Ventrue, his sword dripping red with the blood of the Camarilla's enemies. It is whispered that Dayne is Lasombra, and a traitor to the Sabbat. It is whispered that he holds Hartford in an iron fist, or that his rule hangs only by a thread. It is whispered that the Kindred of Hartford are utterly loyal, and that they wait only for the perfect chance to betray and destroy him. How much truth is there in whispers?

Kate Lang
Dead Prince's Club

Clan: Ventrue
Player: Sarah M.

A paradox amongst her own blue blood, Lang spent the majority of her time surfing the electron highway with frightening proficiency. Security systems and account transactions were all tests of her remarkable skills. In the age of technology, she would have been crowned queen if she wasn't such a rebel. She kicked her feet up on the table, thumbed her nose at authority, and took a stand on the soapbox every now and then with a pistol in hand for the assholes in the audience. Some say she harbored sympathies towards the Anarchs, shunning the oppressive strictures of her "organization". Most believe she was a just manipulative, selfish, self-indulgent liar. A fragment of truth is usually found in every rumor. Rumors however, did not stop nearly every member of her snobby, bloodsucking, ultra conservative country club from becoming infatuated with her. Johann Van Verenburg did not have the time to act on his jealousy, though.

No one really knew where she came from. Her story would change every time she was asked. However, confirmation of long-held suspicions arrived in the form of a British Ventrue named Thaddeus who had come to retrieve his broodmate. Their sire, Marcus Edwards was less than pleased with Kate's actions. The neonate allegedly torched his haven and ran away... In the custody of her irate sire, God only knows what has happened to her.

Marius Agrippa
Dead Prince's Club

August 2001 - April 2002 Clan: Tremere
Player: Ian W.

A deadly fop, a prissy gore-spattered animal. Concerned only with himself and perhaps his partner in crime Vlad Del Karone, he murdered and lied his way to power. He preened his nails at the council table, giggled, and wore makeup. His penchant for Roman dress garnered him a fashion demerit by the late Sabine Troy, but he claimed he was as stylish as any Toreador. His demeanor was that of outward condescendence and self-superiority, and he masked his contempt only for those he sought to gain something from. His loyalties were questionable, and his motives were muddled in rumor and suspicion. He harbored a fabled rivalry with several highly ranking officials of his own clan. Few things are certain about Marius save one: he was thoroughly insane and saw the world through alien eyes.

Owyn Kell

November 2000 - February 2001

Clan: Toreador
Player: Dave N.

Owyn Kell, embraced in 1926 by the late Toreador Archon Kallista, came to Hartford in November of the year 2000 with his Childe, Mark Lowe; the two had fled from the fall of Portland to the Sabbat. Within days of arriving, Kell secured the Toreador seat on the Primogen Council - and began a feud with Sabine Troy that would last until his death, during a duel for the city of Hartford with Jonah Saviors. When the duel degenerated into a grand melee involving most of Elysium, Kell's was the only death, leaving the city in Saviors' hands until the Tremere was killed several months later.