"Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese."
~ G. K. Chesterton

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0. As always, the staff reserves the right to do anything at any time for any reason not withstanding any other rule, clause, house rule or anything else whatsoever.

1. You can only use one “win on ties” per challenge (ie No double “win on ties”).

2. Majesty is line of interaction. If you can interact with the character, you are affected by Majesty. (This does not extend via electronic devices)

3. Feeding: Win = Full, Tie = ½ plus feeding grounds rating, Loss = 4 plus feeding grounds rating. Hunting is the one and only applicable retest.

4. Potency of Blood: When using this discipline your blood pool increases to the new maximum minus what blood was used prior to generation drop. After Potency wears off, blood spent during use of power will be subtracted from natural blood pool. Additionally, you can never call a number of traits that is more than double your Natural generational maximum.

5. For ritual of any kind of magic(Thaum, Necro, Rituals etc) and/or combo-disciplines you must have the text of the mechanics written out on a index card with a citation of the document and page number from which it came. Additionally, you are encouraged to have with you props for all your ritual components, within reason.

6. Obtenebration lev 3 – Arms of the Abyss – You may only control the number of tentacles equal to level of your obtenebration divide by 2 round up.

7. When piercing another's obfuscate, you add a number of traits equal to the levels of Auspex. When defending against Auspex, the obfuscate user adds a number of traits equal to his/her Obfuscate rating. This also applies to piercing Chimestry with Auspex.

8. Influence: We use the system detailed in Dark Epics. You may not have more than 5 in any one sphere. (Exception is the Paragon Merit)

9. Fame is capped at 3 at character creation.

10. Willpower may be spent to stave off frenzy for 10 minutes after which you will frenzy if the stimulus is still present.

11. Any out of body power (Possession, Psychic P, Subsume) must be initiated while you are in you body.

12. Character creation: Allowed at character creation: Camarilla Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue. Ghoul PCs must have a PC dominator.

13. Principle focus of vitae – you may have up to 2 times your occult ability and you may have 1 additional if you have a spec in Path of Blood. (Max = 11)

14. You may purchase combo disciplines only after a year in play. To have a combo, you must possess in common at least one in clan discipline of the requirements unless the combo says otherwise.

15. Weapons: Melee – May have one effect/supernatural ability per bonus trait. Ranged – Max of one effect/supernatural ability.

16. To use the “uncontested range” retest, you must expend an appropriate trait.

17. The ability Tactics is not allowed.

18. The Luck Merit does not function. The Flaws – Glowing eyes and Death sight have no benefits, just the drawbacks.

19. You can use only one carrier ability per attack. For clarification Carrier attacks are things that are not prepared before hand, such as Quell the Beast, Withering etc. Powers such as Scorpion’s Touch, Acidic Touch, or Hand of Flame do not count to this limit.

20. Nothing explodes in Hartford. The staff may have explosions for thematic and theatrical reasons. The ability Demolitions is not allowed.

21. Powers do not work in Reverse or affect other planes of existence unless specifically stated. Example, Majesty has no effect on a Spirit in the Umbra if your not there as well or using Hermetic Sight in the Umbra does not allow you to see the normal plane of existence.

22. All Blood Magic Secondary paths cost Out of Clan costs regardless of the type.

23. All electronic communication that is relevant to your pc on an org level requires a CC to the Court of Storms Staff. 24. Custom Made Combination Disciplines are not allowed in Court of Storms.

25. Merits and Flaws not listed in Laws of the Night Revised, Camarilla Guide, Sabbat Guide, or Anarch Guide are reviewed and allowed on a case by case basis. Generally they will not be allowed.


Animalism: - Subsume the Spirit – Body location must be registered with ST staff. - Drawing out the Beast – You gain a simple test at sunrise to have the Beast return to you if it has not already returned.

Auspex: Psychic Projection – You may only use Auspex powers when in Psychic Projection.

Chimestry: Must have ST to use; Horrid Reality – per the desecration of ST

Dementation:Total Insanity – See ST Staff

- Mesmerism – must have index card detailing the trigger and reaction. - Possession – Body location must be registered with ST staff.

Fortitude: Aegis – You may expend Aegis to prevent the two simples for staking before the tests. You may not afterwards. In order to restore limbs you must spend an Aegis specifically for that purpose. This is the only instance were a PC can blow multiple Aegis in a round to restore effected limbs. Aegis to ignore damage alone does not restore limbs; you must specifically do such for each limb.

Melpominee: See ST staff

Necromancy: Soul Steal – Can not be used on supernatural creatures (ghouls, etc.)

Obeah: See ST staff

Obfuscate: Vanish – occurs at the end of the round

Obtenabration: Arms of the Abyss – You can control up to ½ of your obtenebration rating, round up to a max of 3.

Presence: Majesty – see house rule 2. It is a reflective action and occurs at the end of the round.

Protean: Mist form – occurs at the end of the round.

Serpentis: Heart of Darkness – See ST staff

Thanatosis: Withering – when used against the head, only physical disciplines can be used.

Assamite Sorcery:
- Awakening the Steel – You may only deal base weapon damage. - Hunter’s Wind – Unassuming Pose – Minimum needed to use is 5 people
- Hunter’s Wind – Ghost Body – No active powers carry over when this power is used. i.e. no Obfuscated, Potency of Blood Ghost Body.


- Path of Blood – Blood Potency – See rule 4.

- Spirit Manipulation: Must have Spirit Manipulation to use fetish. A fetish can only affect one trait category to a max of +3 traits. You may only have one active at a time.
- Neptune’s Might: Blood to Water – Max of 3 traits.
- Transmutation – Gaol – This Power requires a Mental versus Mental challenge against a Target other then the user. You expend the traits after the challenge.
- Focused Mind – One Tracked Mind – This power breaks as soon as the target is put in danger. i.e. someone taking an aggressive action against them. They may then respond as normal.

- Principle Focus of Vitae Infusion – See rule 13
- Vistas of the Mind – One retest per games.
- Pebble of the Mountain – Only usable by an Assamite.
- Pavis of the foul presence – Only works on Presence lvls 1-3

Rituals Not Allowed

- Alter Blood
- Amulet of False Aura
- Blade of the Forbidden Flower
- Blood Rush
- Blood Test
- Bone of Contention
- Bone of Eternal Thirst
- Bone of the Kindred
- Bring Forth the Light Within
- Chain the Bloodline
- Chairs of Water
- Chill of the Windsaber
- Clinging of the Insect
- Craft Spirit Bloodstone
- Deny the Sun’s Weight
- Diamond’s Doom
- Dominion
- Drawing upon the Bond
- Empathetic Jar
- Ex Libris
- Epistula Phasma
- Extreme Care
- Eyes of the Ever Vigilant
- Eyes of the Nighthawk
- Father of Mine
- Fire in the Blood
- Firewalker
- Harmonize Building
- Illuminate Trail of Prey
- Impede the Gifts of Caine

  • Import Item
  • Infirm Inert
  • Invisible Chains of Binding
  • Keening of Banshee
  • Knowledge of the Childe’s Peril
  • Lighting Rod
  • Machine Blitz
  • Mindcrawler
  • Mirror Attunement
  • Mirror of Second Sight
  • Paper Flesh
  • Protean Curse
  • Raise the Dead
  • Recure the Homeland
  • Refresh the Wearied Mind
  • Rite of the Vanishing Blemish
  • Ritual of Darkness
  • Ritual of Holding
  • Serenity of the Heart’s Blood
  • Shadow of the Wolf
  • Shape of the Familiar
  • Sight of the Dead
  • Spider’s Web
  • Steps of Silence
  • Summon Mischievous Spirit
  • Teleport to a Safe Haven
  • Tremere’s Bane
  • Utter Destruction of Bonds
  • Vires Acquirit Eundo
  • Walkin’s Purity of the Flesh
  • Ward Magic
  • Weapon of the Kindred Soul
  • Wizard’s Gift
  • Wizard’s Gold

    Paths Not Allowed

  • Path of Curses
  • Mastery of the Mortal Shell
  • Gift of Morpheus
  • Path of Blood’s Curses
  • Spirit Thaumaturgy
  • Way of the Levinbolt
  • Way of Warding
  • Binding the Abyss
  • Borealis
  • Path of Better Self
  • Path of Mercury