"If you can't be just, at least be arbitrary."
~ Unknown, rest area off I-84 Willington, CT

Player: Jenn B.


Anya arrived in Hartford, sort of on the lamb shortly before the end of Vivian Davenport's reign. Following the messy string of princes whose reigns were measured in weeks, Anya stepped in to end the chaos. This bold move has won her a lot of allies, and more than likely a few enemies.

Player: Cat B.


Galina was an enforcer for Russian organized crime, or was it the KGB. Really, they amount to the same thing. She served as Sheriff to Davenport, and Primogen to the current regime. Her devotion to the new Brujah Prince is evident, but how long can a communist really take orders from a White Russian?

Angelo Swann



Angelo fought with Stast back in March 2009 when the Malkavian Prince was accused of having diablorized a Sabbat elder that was taking over his mind. When Stast was defeated, Angelo signed on board with the new Prince as Scourge. Since Davenport's fall in May 2010, Angelo has scarcely been seen at court. Is he out doing is job, or did he quietly disappear?


Player: Theresa


A former Anarch who joined the Camarilla following the disasterous failure of Robert Dorman's praxis siezure, Cruz is learning the ways of the Ivory Tower.